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Shelley Provenza

graphic designer, web developer, brand manager
Shelley ProvenzaHello. I'm Shelley Provenza, an independent graphic designer providing relevant visual communication solutions to small and large businesses. I own ThreeTrees Studio, a fine art and creative services company, partnered with Michael Provenza, national artist. ThreeTrees Studio offers a variety of graphic design services from logo development to interactive design to print collateral design. I'm happy to discuss your project and provide a free quote. {I want to get started...}

"What you least expect can lead to the best discoveries."

Hire me. I'm available for new projects.

ThreeTrees Studio is the un-agency – as a former agency designer and corporate visual communication specialist, I know the ropes, and how to get things through the system on a budget. Because of my breadth of work experience, I understand corporate design, as well as the unique design needs of small businesses and organizations. I'm happy to discuss your project and provide a free quote. Feel free to include your phone number in the contact form, and I'll give you a call back.
Shelley and ThreeTrees Studio are a rare find in the design world. We love Shelley’s partnership-approach and openness to listening to our needs and objectives; combined with abundant creative talent and a keen attention to details – two thumbs way up!" – Aly Sterling, CFRE, President, Aly Sterling Philanthropy, LLC {Read More...}

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ThreeTrees Studio is the un-agency – a former agency designer and corporate visual communication specialist, Shelley Provenza – providing affordable, world-class graphic design services to large and small businesses. Let's get started...


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